Release 4.53.0 MDLP May 27, 2023

15 июля 2024 15:47

Information about the content of the release in Russian can be found at this link.

Installed on Sandbox test environment: 18.05.2023

Installed on the production environment: 27.05.2023

XSD-schemes version: 1.38


Improvements in processes

A possibility to use 1 EQES of a physical entity in a user account of different organizations has been added

A possibility to use 1 enhanced qualified electronic signature (the EQES) of a physical entity for different MDLP FGIS user accounts with creation of separate machine-readable powers of attorney (the MRPOA) has been implemented.

If a user is a member of several organizations, a form with a list of the organizations in which this user is a member, will be displayed when logging in after selection of the certificate.

Once the desired organization has been selected, entrance to a user account will be carried out.
TIN of the selected organization will be on the right, in the top bar of the UA.

Use of powers in MRPOA

Powers have been added to a list of parameters for drawing up the MRPOA. Powers include a set of rights that can be granted to a user with the appropriate power (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Display of powers in a machine-readable power of attorney draft

When adding a new user with EQES of a physical entity, you must:

  1. Create a draft MRPOA with appropriate powers indicated;
  2. Get a signature of the head of the company for the MRPOA;
  3. Assign a rights group with the rights required for the new user.

Please note that

  • A user may only be assigned a group of rights that contains the rights from the issued powers from the MRPOA;

  • If a group of rights has been assigned to a user before creation of the MRPOA, when creating the MRPOA the system will automatically mark those powers that the user already has and that cannot be removed from a list of required powers;
  • If you want to change the user rights that were not previously selected in the powers for the MRPOA, it will be necessary to withdraw the current MRPOA and create a new one with adding of the corresponding powers.
Please, remember that from release 4.51.0 a transition period of work of the MDLP FGIS during which it is possible to work with EQES of a physical entity with and without MRPOA, takes place.
The end of the transition period will be announced additionally in advance.


A process of adding a new certificate for a head of organization has been improved

If a head of organization is trying to log into the MDLP FGIS UA by using a new certificate (which is not in the system), the system will automatically ask him/her to go through an access recovery procedure (adding the new certificate to the system). In such a case, data of the certificate will be already specified in an access recovery form. The head of organization will have to confirm the new certificate addition and to sign an access code (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Access recovery for the Manager

If all checks are successful, a message with a link will be sent to the head of the organization to confirm that access has been restored. After clicking on the link from the message, the access recovery procedure will be successfully completed.

Authorization with the new certificate added will now become available.

Please note that this process can be carried out only by the heads of organizations. If you do not belong to this category, please contact your administrator to add a new certificate to the MDLP FGIS.

A possibility to ship medicines to new regions by using scheme 441 has been added

Shipment of the medicines by scheme 441 "Shipment of the medicines to unregistered business place" is allowed with the following financing sources:

  • "2" - Federal funds;
  • "3" - Regional funds;
  • "4" - Public funds of non-budgetary foundations;
  • "5" - Mixed public funds

only for certain territories, which are listed below:

  • 90 – Zaporizhzhia oblast;
  • 93 – the Donetsk People's Republic;
  • 94 – the Luhansk People's Republic;
  • 95 – Kherson oblast.

For all other cases, shipment is possible only for SGTINs, which have a financing source "1" - Own funds or unfilled.
If a check of financing source has failed, error 53 is returned - "Operation cannot be executed. Invalid financing source is indicated".

New notification 633 - need for relocation of disposal registrar

If a status of the business place (the BP) has been changed to one of the following:

  • Being suspended;
  • Blocked

and the BP has a linked disposal registrar (the DR) which has the following statuses:

  • Was not put into operation;
  • Unprepared for data transfer;
  • Ready for data transfer,

633 "Notification on warning or violation" on the need to relocate or return the DR will be sent to a goods circulation participant.

For the new notification, "Type of warning or violation" (warning_type) = 5 (Information on DR) is used.

Example of notification in case of a change of the BP status to "Being suspended" (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Notification of relocation of the DR or its return when a BP status is changed to "Being suspended".

Example of notification in case of a change of the BP status to "Blocked" (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Notification of relocation of the DR or its return when a BP status is changed to "Blocked".

Notification 633 - a list of notification types has been expanded (warning_type 6, 7)

"Type of warning or violation" (warning_type) = 4 (Information notice) was divided into new values:

  • 6 - Information on medicine circulation (Figure 5);
  • 7 - Information on auto-introduction results (Figure 6) 

In automatic notifications formed for the above reasons, filling of warning_type (previously default value of warning_type = 4) was corrected.

Figure 5. Notification on suspension/resumption of medicine movement.

Figure 6. Notification on results of automatic introduction of the medicines into circulation

Please note that taking into account improvements, "Type of warning or violation" (warning_type_enum) consists of the following values:
1 (system notification);
2 (notification on changes in processes or interaction);
3 (violation notification);
4 (information notice);
5 (information on DR);
6 (information on medicine circulation);
7 (information on auto-introduction results).

Other improvements in UA

Display of the SGTIN tracking interface was corrected for manufacturers

Now the following data are displayed:

  1. SGTIN;
  2. Trade name of the medicine;
  3. SGTIN status;
  4. Name of the SGTIN owner;
  5. INN of the SGTIN owner;
  6. KPP of the SGTIN owner;
  7. Operation name and code;
  8. Type of shipping from warehouse;
  9. Operation date;
  10. BP address of the SGTIN owner;
  11. ID of the owner’s BP.

Improvement of features for filling of pharmacies parameters

In the UA in the "Profile - Addresses - Branches" section when updating information on pharmacies, the "Phone number" field was renamed "Contact number".

API modifications

  1. A method to fill in / edit pharmacies parameters was added - PUT /reestr/branches/info;
  2. The "Week” filtering parameter was changed in the "General report on medicine movement" (report_id=GENERAL_REPORT_ON_MOVEMENT).
    A name of the parameter was changed from "1028_IC_Period_” to "1029_IC_Period_Week_now".
    To generate a report successfully, it is necessary to use the new name of parameter - "1029_IC_Period_Week_now".

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