Release 4.45.0 MDLP April 23, 2022

23 июля 2024 08:49

Information about the content of the release in Russian can be found at this link.

Installed on the Sandbox test environment: April 14, 2022

Installed on the production environment: April 23, 2022

XSD-schemes version: 1.37

2. Modifications

2.1. Changes in business processes

RZN suspended a medicine circulation.

Medicines with a status of partial withdrawal change their status to “Paused circulation”:

  • “Partially sold at retail” → “Paused circulation”;
  • “Partially issued under documents” → “Paused circulation”;
  • “Partially released by subsidized prescription” → “Paused circulation”;
  • “Partially issued for medical use” → “Paused circulation”;
  • “Partially written-off” → “Paused circulation”.

2.2. Modifications in the user account (the UA)

  1. A possibility of movement of SGTINs between legal entities was added for the organizations in the middle of a reorganization.

    “Reorganization” tab was added in the user account in the “Profile” section. This tab allows to request information on predecessors and successors of the organization (relevant only for the resident participants). This feature is only available in the user account. When receiving information on predecessors and successors, the information on them will be displayed on the “Reorganization” tab. After that, the participant will be able to use this feature in the user account to generate scheme 812 “Movement of the medicine to successor’s warehouse” or to download the scheme via API. Both successor organizations and predecessor organizations can request information and use scheme 812 upon information receipt. Two-way downloading and scheme use are possible. If there is no information on predecessors and successors, the information can be requested again.

    Рисунок 6. Reorganization

To eliminate the influence of incorrect requests, activities are being carried out by the Operator to optimize the process of creating and obtaining analytical data. Restrictions have been imposed on data receipt:

  • organization may simultaneously have 10 exports;
  • period of creation of new exports - 30 seconds

In the goods circulation participant’s user account, the changes will touch upon exports in * .csv format in the following registries/reports:

  • “Registry of batches”;
  • “Report on remaining items”;
  • “Report on disposal”;
  • “My virtual warehouse”;
  • “Remains of the medicines imported before introduction into civil circulation”;
  • “Report on movement of medicines introduced into circulation”.

2. Conditions for generation of the “Disposal report” (the report is intended for code issuers) have been expanded.

Scheme 335/10 “Export clearance” was added to the rules for generating a report. A possibility to indicate “Export” disposal type was added to the report filter.

Рисунок 7. Information statement on generation of report on disposal

3. Filtering by “Drug Code” parameter has been implemented in the “Registry of medicines”

“Drug Code” parameter was added on the filter form in the “Medicines” section in the “Registry of medicines” tab.

Рисунок 8. Registry of medicines

4. “Trusted counterparties” and “Registry of counterparties” registries were improved.

In the section “Profile → Trusted counterparties”, a possibility of viewing a counterparty card by clicking “View counterparty” button was added.

Рисунок 9. Trusted counterparties

In the registry of counterparties, “+” button was added to the relevant row of the record to add to the trusted counterparties. The button is available for users with the following rights: “Editing of trusted counterparties” and “Viewing of counterparty registry” (MANAGE_TRUSTED_PARTNERS and REESTR_COUNTERPARTY) or “Editing of trusted counterparties” and “Viewing of general information on a participant from the registries” (MANAGE_TRUSTED_PARTNERS и REESTR_ALL).

Рисунок 10. Registry of counterparties

​5. “Help” section was added. The section contains instructions on how to work in the MDLP FGIS.

2.3. API modifications

More information on revision list can be found in documentation. To receive technical documents on API methods, please contact technical support at

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