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Release 4.37 MDLP on January 29, 2021

21 июня 2024 12:03

Information about the content of the release in Russian can be found at this link.

Installed on Sandbox test environment: 25.01.2021 16:00 - 20:00

Installed on productive environment: 28.01.2021 21:00 - 29.01.2021 1:00

XSD-schemes version: 1.36


SGTIN storage is divided into short-term and long-term

As part of the system’s data storage optimization, a long-term storage for SGTIN has been developed. The codes that have passed more than 180 days since the withdrawal, are moved to this storage.

Information on such codes can be requested using the separate tab "Search for information in the SGTIN archive" located in the "Products" section of the user account.

In the search form, it is necessary to specify the SGTIN value and the system will automatically display all information about it if it is in the archive. If no code is found, a notification will be displayed.

Information can also be obtained by calling a new API method (for API information see below).

Names of some of ICMs statuses have been changed

The amendment has been made for the name of the statuses that are assigned to SGTIN after the medicines are withdrawn with irregularities in business processes.


  • discount_prescription_error - "Released on preferential recipe with deviation from requirements for medicines withdrawal";
  • med_care_error - "Released for medical use with deviation from requirements for medicines withdrawal";
  • ofd_retail_error - "Sold at retail with deviation from requirements for medicines withdrawal";
  • ofd_discount_prescription_error - "Released on preferential recipe (via cash-register equipment) with deviation from requirements for medicines withdrawal".

New “Disposal method” attribute has been added for SGTIN

 New “Disposal method” parameter has been added into the Registry of products by SGTIN. Filling is carried out during the processing of certain types of operations.

The field is filled in with "Document" value after the following operations have been successfully processed:

  • 542 – Destruction;
  • 552 – Out of circulation;
  • 461 – Shipping medicines to EAEU;
  • 441 – Shipment of medicines to the unregistered place;
  • 335/30 – Export;
  • 335/31 – Reexport;
  • 335/80 – Customs transit;
  • 335/93 – Moving to destruction from customs control zone;
  • 511 – Retail sale;
  • 512 – Dispensing of medicines other than indicated in the register receipt;
  • 521 – Sale on preferential recipes;
  • 531 – Delivery of medicines for medical care;

The field is filled in with "Device" value after the following operations have been successfully processed:

  • 10511 – Retail sale using CRE;
  • 10522 – Sale on preferential recipes using CRE;
  • 10521 – Sale on preferential recipes (disposal registrar);
  • 10531 – Delivery of medicines for medical care (disposal registrar).

New field is also available via API in the methods of receiving information from the ICM registry (for API information see below).

Notification on user account lockout has been added

The notification is sent to the user’s e-mail in two cases:

  • In advance of the time for lockout due to inactivity (7 days and 1 day before). Inactivity time is calculated from the moment of last authorization to the system;
  • By the fact of lockout (regardless of reason).

Possible reasons for blocking of the user account:

  • Blocked by safety administrator of Operator CRPT;
  • Login attempts limit is exceeded;
  • Maximum inactivity time is exceeded;
  • Password expired.

To find more information about blocking reasons and possible actions to be taken in case of blocking, see User Account Guide.

The content of checks in registering of the user has been changed

When registering a new Circulation participant:

  • Check of L tag localityName (name of locality) in the EQES certificate is disabled. This field may not be filled in now;
  • An additional check of the EQES certificate for the presence of the “OGRNIP” parameter in the block "Additional name of the pharmaceutical entity" is added if the parameter is not present in the "Pharmaceutical entity” block.

Mechanism of taking a charge for provision of marking codes has been reworked

List of changes on the process of payment of marking codes with “upon application” type

To order marking codes with “upon application” type of payment, the process of processing has been changed for the following operations:     10311-skzkm_register_end_packing “Registration in MDLP IS of information on packing stage completion (information from MCCPS)” and 10319-skzkm_foreign_emission “Registration in MDLP IS of information on medicine package and application of identification means outside of the Russian Federation (information from MCCPS)”. 

The previous item-by-item queue for payment of the marking codes will be replaced by batch processing and payment: while the documents are processed, the personal account will be checked on availability of funds in an amount sufficient for payment of all marking codes specified in the document.

If there are no enough funds in the account, the document will be taken for processing and in cases where there are no enough funds to pay for all marking codes specified in the document, the whole document will be rejected with error 4002 in the receipt.  

General improvements of the system

✔️ “Registry of SGTIN for payment” and “Registry of Priority payment rules” were deleted along with the corresponding rights of access to these registries, since item-by-item control is no longer required;    

✔️ Existing status "Awaiting release, not paid", "Awaiting shipment to the Russian Federation, not paid” will be removed from the SGTIN status model, since item-by-item queue for payment is no longer required.  

✔️ The aggregation and sampling operations immediately following the application operations will be without queuing as all SGTINs will be in the same status after the application operations processing.  

✔️ New error codes have been added within the revised process:

  • 4001 - “Technical error occurred during the writing off the funds from the personal account”.
    Error occurred during the document processing due to unavailability of one of the components responsible for payment for marking codes. It is recommended to create once again and send the application report with ICMs specified;
  • 4002 - “Insufficient funds in the personal account to perform the operation”.
    Error occurs if the Participant’s personal account has insufficient funds to pay for the marking codes. It is recommended to replenish an account, create once again and send the application report with ICMs specified. To replenish the balance of the personal account, it is necessary to make payment on the settlement account of Operator CRPT with the personal account number to be indicated in the payment purpose. The balance can be checked in the Participant’s user account in the section “Finance - Personal accounts”.
  • 4003 - “Technical error. Personal account number was not found”.
    Error occurs if Participant’s personal account is not found in the system. It is recommended to check the availability of the personal account in the Participant’s User account in the section “Finance - Personal accounts”. If personal account is available, it is necessary to check that the Contract on marking codes provision has been successfully signed.  Contract status can be viewed in the section “Contractual documents - Provision of marking codes”. If document is signed, it is necessary to create once again and send the application report with ICMs specified. If the error occurs again, contact to the MDLP Technical Support Service;
  • 4004- “Error occurred while preparing a document for payment”.
    Error occurs in case of technical failures in preparation of the documents for payment and withdrawal of funds. If this error occurs, please, contact our MDLP Technical Support Service;
  • 4005- “Error occurred while preparing a document for payment”.
    Error occurs in case of technical failures in preparation of the documents for payment and withdrawal of funds. If this error occurs, please, contact our MDLP Technical Support Service;
  • 4006 - “SGTINs with different tariffs were transmitted in the application report”.
    Error occurs when the specified ICMs have different tariffs in the application report. It is recommended to check the data accuracy, to create a report on ICMs with the same tariff and to send the application report again.
  • 83 - "Time of waiting for MC payment has expired"
    Error occurs if the document has ICMs with expired payment period. In this case, the ICM has the end status - expired_not_paid and cannot be applied. However, if there is ICM in the document with no expired payment deadline, it can be applied (in this case the document will be partially processed).

Thanks to these improvements, the documents processing will be greatly accelerated.

Changes in SGTIN card

  • A reference to the group packing was added in the table with operations history.
  • New field - SSCC has been added to the product operation history in SGTIN card. This field will contain information on the packing with the specified medicine being into the packing during the document processing. Clicking on the field will move to the form of the nesting hierarchy view;
  • 2 new statuses that show whether SGTIN is in the registry of awaiting for withdrawal (by CRE, DR or document) have been added. If SGTIN is found in one of the registries, you can quickly switch to it. The buttons to move to the registries of awaiting for withdrawal are located at the top of SGTIN card.

Sampling is permitted after scheme 360 is used

The situation where it was not possible to carry out the withdrawal from circulation for sampling (operation 552-withdrawal(19)) after the import of own medicines into the Russian Federation from EEU countries (operation 360-eeu_owner) was eliminated.

Now the status transition arrived -> lp_sampled is possible.

The restriction regarding the view of any batches was removed from the registry of solutions on introduction into civil circulation

Previously, information only on the batches that had been introduced by the current Participant was available in the registry.

Now it is possible to search for information about any medicine batch. To do this, it is necessary to remove the filter set by default on Participant’s INN and enter the required batch in the same name field.

Appropriate changes have also been made to API (for API information see below).

Error, which in certain cases did not allow to change the address for the licenses for manufacturing/pharmaceutical/medical activities has been eliminated

An error occurred when checking the new address identifier in the FIAS on the address change form was corrected.

Filter type for “Document number” field in the registry of documents has been changed

Now in the registry for archival documents “For entire period”, it is possible in the field "Document number" of the registry of incoming and outgoing documents to search the documents by prefix. Minimum number of characters to search for = 3.

In the registry for short-term storage of the documents received in the system during the last 30 days, the filter has not been changed. The document can be found only by exact name matching.

Localization for the system rights groups has been added

For groups created automatically within the role assigned to the Participant, an English name has been added:

  • System group;
  • "MC Customer" rights group;
  • "Marketing authorization holder" rights group;
  • "Pharmaceutical Company" rights group;
  • "Medical Organization" rights group;
  • "Organization with license for operations with narcotic drugs" rights group;
  • "Manufacturer" rights group.

New error code has been added at the ICM level

54 - Operation cannot be completed. Error occurred during the code removal from the group packing. Check the specified operation date and the status of nested ICMs.

This error code can only be found in receipts for operations 702/703. Before these operations are processed, the nesting of the specified ICMs into group package is checked. If SGTIN/SSCC are packed into the group package and the nesting level does not exceed two, they will be automatically removed.

If the nesting level of group package is more than 2, a new error code - “54” (Figure 6) will be returned in the receipts on processing of operations 702/703.

Please note that the error described is not new. Previously, in these situations, the receipt returned an error with code “15”.

Additionally, guidelines to Participants on the procedure to be followed in case of occurrence of the described error, have been added in the document “Description of error codes during processing of xml documents” published on the official website chestnyznak.ru in the section "Documents for MDLP - Stand "Sandbox".

API modifications

More information on revision list can be found in documentation. To receive technical documents on API methods, please contact technical support at support@crpt.ru.

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